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We here at HigherEdJobs appreciate the efforts it takes to be successful in your job search. We have compiled some original and/or exclusive articles below that we feel will be practical and inspirational during this process. As always, we appreciate the privilege of helping you achieve your goals.

  • New!   The State of the Union of Student Affairs - Looking Ahead at 2015 - HigherEd Careers Interview, January 2015   
    by Andrew Hibel
    With increased media and public attention on difficult subjects, student affairs finds itself in the public spotlight more than ever before. We talked with Kevin Kruger, President of NASPA, the leading organization for student affairs administrators, about his career path, the changes he's seen in the field, and interview advice for those interested in joining this growing career.
  • New!   Obama Idea to Trim College Savings Plans Hits GOP Opposition - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Stephen Ohlemacher
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama's proposal to scale back the tax benefits of college savings accounts is running into opposition from Republicans in Congress who say they have no intention of raising taxes on families trying to save money for their children's education.
  • New!   Career Fitness: Getting Better Than Smart - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Peter Weddle
    The conventional wisdom celebrates functional knowledge as the key to job search success. Upgrading your skills, the thinking goes, is the one sure way to land a great job. Get a degree, earn a certificate and bitta bang, bitta boom, you're on your way to blissful employment. It's a constant refrain... and it's wrong.
  • California Community Colleges to Offer Bachelor's Degrees - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Lisa Leff
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Fifteen California community colleges received preliminary approval Tuesday to start offering career-oriented bachelor's degrees, a step that represents a first for the nation's largest college system and that supporters said is needed to ensure residents are prepared for jobs that in the past may have required only two years of training.
  • Can Entrepreneurs Make It in Academic Leadership? - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Lucy Leske
    As an executive search consultant in higher education, I am often asked by search committees about what "non-traditional" candidates might bring to academic leadership roles. "Non-traditional" occasionally describes candidates that do not demonstrate a traditional academic path to leadership positions -- i.e., student affairs or finance professionals interested in presidential roles.
  • Career Resolutions for the New Year - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Becky Hart
    Happy New Year! If you made a career-related resolution to start 2015 don't be one of the millions whose resolution goes by the wayside in a month. Here are some tips to help you achieve your professional goals in the new year.
  • Why We Need to Respect Faculty as Professionals - Author In Residence, January 2015
    by Larry G. Gerber
    When I entered graduate school in 1968, conditions for faculty members at American colleges and universities were probably more favorable than ever before.
  • Obama Proposes Free Tuition for Community Colleges - Career Tools Article, January 2015
    by Nedra Pickler
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama wants publicly funded community college available to all Americans, a sweeping proposal he argues would strengthen the U.S. workforce. The initiative's price tag has yet to be revealed, and it faces a spending-averse Republican Congress.
  • Wage Guarantee After Graduation or Loans Reimbursed - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Jeff Karoub
    ADRIAN, Mich. (AP) -- When it came time to pick a college, Abby Slusher leaned toward a private school near her southeastern Michigan home for the small campus and class sizes. Her mother pushed Adrian College for another reason: A new program guaranteeing every graduate would make more than $37,000 or get some or all student loans reimbursed.
  • Univ. of Virginia Reacts to Rolling Stone Article - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Alan Suderman
    RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- The chairman of the University of Virginia's board ripped into Rolling Stone magazine Friday for unfairly tarnishing the school's image with what was most likely an inaccurate piece about a gang rape at a fraternity house on campus.
  • A Multitude of Hope - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Peter Weddle
    Today's job market is a cold and indifferent place. It feels as if it is operated by uncaring organizations that treat job seekers as second class citizens. The situation is frustrating and disrespectful and calls out for change.
  • Teacher texts can profoundly impact student success  External Article - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    A text message can have a profound effect on the ability of students to learn, according to some researchers at Hardin-Simmons University.
  • How to Create Multiracial Coalitions for Fairness, Inclusion and Investment in K-16 Education - Author In Residence, December 2014
    by Sheryll Cashin
    In this blog series, my analysis of the role of segregation in educational opportunity hoarding was more popular than my recommendation that affirmative action in higher education emphasize place instead of race. My critics, as well as my supporters, often argue that the real issue is improving the K-12 pipeline to higher education. I agree. Of course that is easier said than done. The problem that education advocates, and indeed advocates of any form of government investment, must overcome is toxic, partisan gridlock.
  • Gaining a Leadership Role in Academia - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Lucy Leske
    In November, Lucy Leske hosted a webinar for HigherEdJobs designed to help those aiming for leadership roles in academia. Here, Leske answers some of the follow-up questions we received from the webinar.
  • The Next Step Resume - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Peter Weddle
    If you've been in the workforce for more than ten minutes you know all about Best Practices. Over the years, these procedures have been tested and proven effective in virtually every profession, craft and trade.
  • Taking Your Career Abroad - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Alison Herget
    Go abroad.

    It's advice that higher education professionals often give to students who want to broaden their educational experience, but is seldom considered by faculty or staff who want to take their careers to a new level.
  • Developing the Next Generation of Chief Diversity Officers in Higher Education - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Witt/Kieffer
    The role of the chief diversity officer (CDO) is growing in stature across higher education. CDOs now claim a seat at the table for key decision-making at most institutions, and many successful diversity executives are hired into presidential and other prominent positions.
  • In-state Tuition for Immigrants Tied to their State's Policies - Career Tools Article, December 2014
    by Bob Christie
    PHOENIX (AP) -- If Christian Avila lived a few hundred miles to the west, he would have a driver's license and qualify for in-state college tuition and a host of other opportunities available to young people granted legal status by President Barack Obama two years ago.
  • Employment in Higher Education Ticks Upward Ending Yearlong Decline - Career Tools Article, November 2014
    by Amanda Bucher
    The number of jobs in higher education ticked upward in Q3 2014, reversing a downward trend that lasted four consecutive quarters, according to the latest report from HigherEdJobs.
  • Interviewing at the MLA Convention: How to Prepare and Strategies for Success - HigherEd Careers Interview, November 2014   
    by Andrew Hibel
    When interviewing, preparation is key. And, when it comes to interviewing at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, this advice is no different. This month, the president of the MLA and distinguished professor of English, Margaret Ferguson, discusses what to expect at the MLA Convention and tactics on how to succeed.
  • The Madam Secretary Approach to Job Search - Career Tools Article, November 2014
    by Peter Weddle
    There's a new show on CBS called Madam Secretary. The series describes the challenges and outside-the-box solutions of a person unexpectedly thrust into the world of international politics. The first, episode, however, was a primer on job search in difficult times.
  • Number of Foreign Students in US Hits Record High - Career Tools Article, November 2014
    by Kimberly Hefling
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of foreign exchange students studying at U.S. colleges and universities is at a record high, with nearly one-third coming from China.
  • Place-based Affirmative Action and Other Radical Reforms to Create Real Inclusion in Selective Higher Education - Author In Residence, November 2014
    by Sheryll Cashin
    In my last article I explored how place or segregation contributes to opportunity hoarding in access to higher education. Now I will present my proposals for what colleges should do about it.
  • Speaking Up for Civility - Career Tools Article, November 2014
    by Daniel B. Griffith, J.D., SPHR
    In response to incidents that arise on their campuses, institutional leaders will at times make statements that call for civility and civil interaction among campus community members. While valued by many as a means for calling attention to the perceived decline in civility, others decry such messages as infringing upon important institutional values supporting free inquiry, freedom of expression, academic freedom and the robust exchange of ideas.
  • So You Want to be a Leader? - Career Tools Article, November 2014
    by Lucy Leske
    Assuming a leadership role in any organization can be a difficult task, but as with many things in higher education, assuming a leadership role in academia can have its own unique challenges.