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We here at HigherEdJobs appreciate the efforts it takes to be successful in your job search. We have compiled some original and/or exclusive articles below that we feel will be practical and inspirational during this process. As always, we appreciate the privilege of helping you achieve your goals.

  • New!   College Athletes-Mental Health - Career Tools Article, July 2014
    ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- The University of Michigan has received a grant from the NCAA to develop and evaluate a program for supporting mental health initiatives for student-athletes.
  • New!   Avoid the "Bully Boss" Label - Career Tools Article, July 2014
    by Daniel B. Griffith, J.D., SPHR
    There is a workplace myth that employees must simply tolerate their bosses' negative, harassing and bullying behaviors under the guise that they are not bullies, but merely "tough." Such bosses argue that their actions are necessary to ensure performance and productivity and that niceness, gentleness and humility do not get the job done.
  • Why Not All Universities Will Survive - Author In Residence, July 2014
    by Frank McCluskey & Melanie Winter
    Will your college or university exist in 25 years? This may sound like a doomsday question, but in these difficult times for higher education, it is a reasonable question for college leadership to ask.
  • Do's and Don'ts of Submitting Through an Applicant Tracking System - Career Tools Article, July 2014
    by Justin Zackal
    Many colleges and universities use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to evaluate prospective candidates. Applying to a position through an ATS often trips up many applicants and prevents them from advancing through the interview process.
  • Guideline for universities on censoring social media  External Article - Career Tools Article, July 2014
    In a problem that's stemming from both the proliferation of social media use and campus violence, universities are considering what's appropriate to censor on social media and what's not, often leading to confusion and infringement of students rights. But a new guide may be able to help.
  • Faculty to Administration, Making the Transition - HigherEd Careers Interview, July 2014   
    by Andrew Hibel
    What it is like making a transition from a faculty member to an administrator? Dr. Joann Bangs, dean of the School of Business and Professional Studies at St. Catherine University shares insight into her journey from teaching students to leading faculty and staff. She shares her lessons learned and wisdom gained through her transition.
  • For-Profit College to Sell Most Campuses - Career Tools Article, July 2014
    by Kimberly Hefling
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The troubled for-profit education company Corinthian Colleges Inc. and the Education Department reached an agreement late Thursday that has 85 of the company's 100-plus campuses going up for sale, and 12 others closing.
  • Why You Must Have Three Resumes - Author In Residence, July 2014
    by Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D.
    One size does not fit all. You have crafted the perfect resume and you continually update it with all of the great things that you have done. This looks good on paper, literally. But it does not play well in reality. You cannot assume that one generic resume will resonate with every employer and any job that they might have available at any given time.
  • The Reciprocity Rule of Online Networking - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Peter Weddle
    It's all the rage these days. If you're in transition, you have to be using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. But why? The rationale seems to be that if you can just reach the right person - no matter how distant and tenuous the link - you can depend on them to help you land a job. Best sellers have been made with such a claim, but...
  • The Unbundling of the University - Author In Residence, June 2014
    by Frank McCluskey & Melanie Winter
    Colleges have lost their way. If you have any doubt about that, turn on your television or open up your newspaper and you will see articles on the outrageous cost of college, the jobless rate of college graduates and calls to overhaul higher education. The pressure for change is coming from outside the university and this pressure can no longer be ignored.
  • The Thread that Ties Faculty Together: The Passion To Teach - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Rebecca Esparza
    The reasons for the drive and enthusiasm to teach are different for each individual.

    "My passion for teaching is rooted in the belief that I am having a positive impact on my students," says Dr. Jose R. Ruiz, professor of aviation management and flight at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
  • Starbucks offers employees opportunity to earn online degree at Arizona State University - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Candice Choi
    NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks is giving its baristas a shot at an online college degree, an unusual benefit in an industry where higher education is often out of reach for workers.
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding faculty time  External Article - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Meris Stansbury
    Everyone's aware of the long hours students are putting into studying for final exams; yet, a new infographic reveals faculty are working just as hard preparing and grading the exams their students are taking...and the time required is staggering.
  • Becoming a Community College Professor - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Justin Zackal
    There are more than 3,000 open faculty positions at community colleges posted on HigherEdJobs. The talent pool may be more diverse than you think. Applicants may not have any experience teaching at a community college. They might be adjuncts, professors at four-year universities, high school teachers, and often times, industry experts looking to apply their field experience in an educational setting.
  • T-shirts Deemed Racist Prompt Need for Council on Diversity - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Josh Wood
    TIOGA, N.D. (AP) — A recent University of North Dakota incident over t-shirts deemed racist has underscored the need for the North Dakota University System to revive a dormant council on diversity, the head of the university system said.
  • The Purpose and Language of Resumes - Author In Residence, June 2014
    by Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D.
    Contrary to popular opinion, the purpose of a resume is not to get you a job. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Therefore, the resume should be written with this singular goal in mind. Some describe it as a summary of one's background, skills, abilities and accomplishments. If the focus is on cataloging and documenting one's experiences, the true purpose of the resume is missed.
  • Fostering a Civil Work Environment, a Follow-up Q&A with Daniel Griffith, Part 2 - Career Tools Article, June 2014
    by Daniel B. Griffith, J.D., SPHR
    Workplace incivility has become a hot button topic in all fields, not just higher education. In January Daniel Griffith reviewed common workplace incivilities in a HigherEdJobs Webinar. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In this second of two articles, Griffith again addresses questions and issues raised by participants of the webinar.
  • Employment in Higher Education Shrinks for Third Consecutive Quarter - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    by Amanda Bucher
    The number of jobs in higher education decreased in Q1 2014 for the third consecutive quarter. However, the declines have been consistently lessening in magnitude over time. During the same period, the number of advertisements for job openings in higher education continued to grow according to a new report from HigherEdJobs, the leading source for jobs and career information in academia.
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Your Campus - HigherEd Careers Interview, May 2014   
    by Andrew Hibel
    Institutional effectiveness on campus is a complex recipe of such areas as assessing current status, designing a change process, educating leaders, working together to create goals and the commitment to implementing change. Our guest expert this month, Dr. Paula Gill, describes how her institution, Belmont University and other campuses are becoming more intentional about institutional effectiveness.
  • Job Searching Advice from the World of College Admissions - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    by Alison Herget
    I've worked in college admissions for almost six years, and I've seen it all when it comes to college applications.

    There was the student who included 15 letters of recommendation (the requirement is two). Another student misspelled the name of our institution throughout his application.
  • A game-changer for online retention  External Article - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    by Meris Stansbury
    In a recent think-tank panel in D.C. on trends in higher-ed, one online learning expert from Arizona State University said that the next big discussion for colleges and universities would be on online communities. But why is it so important for online learning?
  • Higher Education Governance in the Digital Age - Author In Residence, May 2014
    by Frank McCluskey & Melanie Winter
    College senates have sometimes been characterized as dysfunctional. John Kramer's The American College Novel, An Annotated Bibliography has overviews of almost 700 college novels from Nathaniel Hawthorne to the current day.
  • Six Strategies for Moving into Academia - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    by Robert DiGiacomo
    The key to a successful university or college job search is to recognize that the process is different from the private sector and tailor your hunt accordingly. Here are six strategies from higher education human resources executives to help navigate the system and find the right job for you:
  • UCLA Officials Propose Diversity Class Requirement - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — University of California, Los Angeles officials are proposing that most undergraduate students be required to take a class in racial, cultural, gender or religious diversity in order to graduate.
  • 55 Schools Face US Federal Sex Assault Probe - Career Tools Article, May 2014
    by Kimberly Hefling
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Education Department on Thursday took the unprecedented step of releasing the names of the 55 colleges and universities currently facing a Title IX investigation over their handling of sexual abuse complaints.