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Diane R. Dean is Associate Professor for Higher Education Administration & Policy at Illinois State University. Her research applies organizational th...

Book Cover - Generation on a Tightrope

HigherEdJobs Author in Residence

Generation on a Tightrope

Examining college student expectations, aspirations, academics, attitudes, values, beliefs, social life, and politics, Generation on a Tightrope paints a portrait of today's undergraduates based on a study of 5,000 college students and 270 higher education professionals from various college campuses. Authors Diane R. Dean and Arthur Levine discuss the needs and attitudes of today's undergrads, with a look at how colleges and universities can address them.

  • Monday, December 09, 2013
    The Recession and the Tightrope Generation
    by Diane R. Dean and Arthur Levine
    Today's traditional undergraduates were children during national boom times. They were in middle or high school when the bust came. Their families dealt with soaring unemployment rates, plunging real estate values, and landmark foreclosures. As the stock market crashed and rebounded, fluctuating wildly, they lived through a recession that seemed to go on and on, with a gridlocked government and a lack of public trust and hope.
  • Monday, November 11, 2013
    "Is There an App for That?" Autonomy and Dependency in Today's College Students
    by Diane R. Dean and Arthur Levine
    Digital applications give students a sense of mastery over their lives. Never getting lost on the road trip, always knowing instantly where to get gas or find a good place to eat, having instant access to banking services and never losing your car in a vast university parking lot make a person feel secure. Instant access to study guides, reference materials, wellness tips, planners and organizers makes a person feel efficient and in control.
  • Wednesday, October 09, 2013
    Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, and the Analog Campus
    by Diane R. Dean and Arthur Levine
    Today's traditional undergraduates are the first generation of digital natives. Born after the digital revolution, they have always known the presence of what adults consider "new" information-digital communication, computing, and entertainment technologies. The ubiquity of these technologies has molded their expectations for how they will learn, work, socialize, recreate and live.

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