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Veterans in Higher Education: How Do We Serve Those Who Served?

Book Review

Book Review - Called to Serve: A Handbook on Student Veterans on Higher Education

The Department of Veterans Affairs' count of military veterans enrolled in higher education, we are reminded several times Called to Serve: A Handbook on Student Veterans and Higher Education, more than doubled between 2000-10 to nearly 820,000. From 2010 alone it jumped by one-third.

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  • The GI Bill: What Every Higher Ed Professional Should Know
    Ever since the GI Bill was first signed into law in 1944, it has been opening the doors to higher education for millions of military veterans. In spite of its reputation as a one-size-fits-all free ride through college, the "GI Bill" is a shorth...
  • Helping Veterans Make a Successful Transition
    As a veteran education benefit certifying official, I have the distinct opportunity to help the current generation of veterans transition from military life into the university. It is rarely...
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Veterans in Higher Education Survey

What is failing if veterans do not go to college?
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