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We here at HigherEdJobs appreciate the efforts it takes to be successful in your job search. We have compiled some original and/or exclusive articles below that we feel will be practical and inspirational during this process. As always, we appreciate the privilege of helping you achieve your goals.

  • New!   Successful Faculty Transition into Retirement - HigherEd Careers Interview, July 2015   
    by Andrew Hibel
    Faculty members have many stages in their academic careers and retirement is a shift that can often leave them feeling detached.  Our guests this month, Dr. Amy Strage and Dr. Joan Merdinger, from San Jose State University discuss how to best help faculty prepare for and transition into this stage of their lives.  They offer important resources and practical advice in the area of faculty development and retirement.
  • New!   25 Years on, Disabilities Act Has Changed Lives of Millions - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by David Crary
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Five days before he was to start college, Fred Maahs' world turned upside down. Off the Delaware coast in 1980, on the last day of summer vacation, the 18-year-old took a dive from his family's boat into an unseen sandbar barely a foot below the surface, sustaining injuries that paralyzed him from the chest down.
  • New!   5 Non-Curricular Ways to Boost Student Outcomes  External Article - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Frank Healy
    With a dramatically increasing number of both traditional and non-traditional students seeking post-secondary education, student retention and post-grad outcomes continue to be an increasingly important topic for both colleges and universities.
  • Who is to teach ethics to the university? - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by James Keenan SJ, Canisius Professor of Theology at Boston College, from The Conversation
    The narratives that help illustrate the lack of professional ethics at American universities occur with greater and greater frequency, though most often we fail to note them as such.  If we put our minds to it, we can remember quite a number of unethical stories at American universities in recent years:
  • The Name Game: Colleges Rebrand to get More Students - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Lisa Rathke
    CASTLETON, Vt. (AP) -- What's in a name? For colleges looking to gain prestige along with more students and precious out-of-state tuition dollars, plenty.
  • The Problem With College Rankings - Author In Residence, July 2015
    by Ryan Craig
    In June, in the wake of extensive public debate, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) made the decision not to publish college rankings of its own. This decision was the right one. After all, rankings don't matter nearly as much to students as they once did.
  • Is student loan debt really a crisis? - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Robert Kelchen, Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Seton Hall University, from The Conversation
    Americans owed nearly US$1.2 trillion in student loan debt as of March 2015, more than three times the amount of debt from just a decade ago. Part of this increase in debt is due to more students attending college, but part can also be attributed to just the borrower holding more debt.
  • Because of Title IX Women's World Cup Viewership Has Changed - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Rachel Cohen
    A generation of American women who grew up playing sports because of Title IX now makes up the television audience that advertisers covet.

    Today's adults were young, impressionable fans when Brandi Chastain ripped off her jersey to celebrate the winning penalty kick at the 1999 Women's World Cup, and even earlier when the buzz of soccer landed in the United States for the 1994 men's tournament.
  • Eight Tips for Negotiating Your Salary - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Justin Zackal
    Salary negotiations can be uncertain, particularly in higher education where many believe institutions have misplaced priorities and mixed values. The exorbitant salaries of football and basketball coaches are exhibits A and B, and the per course payment of an adjunct is exhibit C.
  • CUPA-HR Survey Finds Marked Increase in Colleges and Universities Offering Healthcare Coverage to Same-Sex Domestic Partners - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by CUPA-HR
    The number of higher education institutions offering healthcare benefits for same-sex domestic partners has risen by 30 percent over the past nine years, according to findings from CUPA-HR’s 2015 Employee Healthcare Benefits in Higher Education Survey.
  • Feds increase accountability for low-performing for-profits  External Article - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by eCampusNews
    Over the past six years, the Obama Administration has taken action to
    tackle one of the biggest problems in higher education: abusive
    practices in the career college industry.
  • It's a mess: graduate schools are failing to prepare students for jobs - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Leonard Cassuto, Professor of English at Fordham University, from The Conversation
    Arthur Levine, the head of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, has been a vituperative critic of teacher education programs for years. His recent announcement that he's partnering with MIT to start a new teacher education graduate degree program has brought new attention to these teacher training programs – and to teacher training generally.
  • Career Fitness: Mirroring - Career Tools Article, July 2015
    by Peter Weddle
    Hiring managers often have a very clear image in their minds of the perfect candidate.  While recruiters will press them to identify the education, skills and experience required to do the job, what supervisors want – more often than not
  • Will Republican Leadership Change Higher Education? - HigherEd Careers Interview, June 2015   
    by Andrew Hibel
    Higher Education and how we pay for higher ed has entered the political debate more and more in recent years. The issues are sure to be part of the 2016 election cycle. In this month’s interview, Andy Hibel speaks with Andrew P. Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute about the need for reform and the place of politicians in this important conversation.
  • Three Boston Universities Tapped by Olympic Group for Events - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Bob Salsberg
    BOSTON (AP) -- The organizers of Boston's Olympic bid said Wednesday that Harvard University, Boston College and Northeastern University would serve as venues for several events if Boston is chosen to host the 2024 Summer Games.
  • When Presidential Finalists Visit, It's the Campus' Time to Shine - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Ann Yates
    You have selected finalists and your presidential search is nearly complete. The search committee, board, and campus should understand that, at this stage, candidates are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them.
  • Should female faculty get bonus points to correct for gender bias in student evaluations? - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Sara B. Pritchard, Associate Professor of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University, from The Conversation
    Now that most colleges and universities have completed their spring semesters, course instructors are opening up sealed manila envelopes, all over the country, to read their teaching evaluations.
  • The Ceremony and Pageantry of Applications and Interviews - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D.
    It is undeniable that a certain amount of decorum or etiquette surrounds the hiring process. The difficulty lies in the fact that most of it is unspoken and not written down for the uninitiated to learn and heed. However, danger lurks. Sometimes a small faux pas can destroy a potential job opportunity.
  • Campus Interview: Food for Thought - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Justin Zackal
    The most revealing part of a campus interview can take place over lunch. When the employer and candidate break bread together, look for the trail of bread crumbs that lead to both parties recognizing their compatibility.
  • Is University Employment a Family-Friendly Fit? - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Eileen Hoenigman Meyer
    "Work-life balance" sounds simple enough, but to the legions of parents who find themselves toggling between the daily demands of these realities, finding the right fit is an ongoing challenge.
  • How to Learn a New Campus Over the Summer - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Kelci Lynn Lucier
    Although many faculty and administrators start new positions at colleges and universities over the summer months, the slower pace of a campus during this time can present both opportunities and challenges to those trying to connect with their new colleagues.
  • Academic Fraud Nets UNC 1-year probation - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Emery P. Dalesio
    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- An accreditation agency important to colleges receiving federal funds put the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on probation Thursday for a year over its academic fraud scandal.
  • The business of rankings: did the US News & World Report make substantial mistakes? - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Kevin Welner, Professor, Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice, University of Colorado, from The Conversation
    Here’s an easy task: choose between the following two schools for your child. School #1 provides high-quality instruction and strong supports in order to academically accelerate students and challenge them to take
    difficult courses.
  • Transition and Culture, Tricky Navigations - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Marta Segal Block
    When you work with college students you think about transition a lot, but primarily the transition is on the part of the students. At the recent NASPA conference in New Orleans, presenters Jill Carr and Jeff Kegolis of Bowling State University and Larry Serfozo of Colorado State University spoke about some of the transitions that professionals undergo in their presentation “Navigating a New Organizational Culture as a Young Professional in Student Affairs.”
  • Are You Ready to Find New Talent? Are You Ready to Be Found? - Career Tools Article, June 2015
    by Mark C. Coldren
    Traditional search processes are built upon finding the most experienced candidate.  But experience isn’t always the most effective way to identify the best talent for your institution.