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  • New!  Limber up for that Search
    Fitness leads to readiness. When runners train for marathons they cross-train by lifting weights, taking yoga classes, and mentally preparing for the endurance the race requires.
  • New!  Changing Campus Culture-Residential Colleges: A look at how they work at some schools
    Colleges are confronting the related problems of sexual assault and drinking with a mix of solutions, some aimed at changing an ingrained culture that encourages irresponsible behavior.
  • New!  The Placement Exchange (TPE) On-Site
    It's hard to explain the TPE On-Site Event unless you've seen it for yourself. More than 360 institutions with 700+ openings in student affairs, more than 1,100 candidates scheduling 8,000+ interviews all in a four day period, all in one place; not to mention interview coaching, round table sessions and... NEW ORLEANS FOOD!
  • New!  Shared Governance and the Rise to Prominence of American Colleges and Universities
    Although I take rankings of colleges and universities with a large grain of salt, there can be little doubt that American institutions are globally preeminent. A Chinese ranking of the world's best universities places American institutions in eight of the top 10 positions and 32 out of the top 50.
  • The Changing Roles of Academic and Research Libraries
    Over the past decade libraries have changed from being quiet repositories of books to active community centers "filled" with both physical and digital materials. How can libraries grow to meet changing needs while still fulfilling their original missions? How can librarians be trained to handle the unknown needs of the future? In this month’s interview we talk with Jennifer Paustenbaugh, head of Brigham Young University’s library.
  • Survey Shows 2 Percent Pay Raise for Tenured Faculty
    Tenure provides professors job security as well as financial security. But what kind of pay increases can tenured or tenure-track professors expect?

    The College and University Professional Association of Human Resources (CUPA-HR) today released findings from its 2014-15
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