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About HigherEdJobs

HigherEdJobs was founded in 1996 by three university employees who felt there had to be an easier way to search and apply for jobs in academia. At the time, print ads still dominated how college faculty and staff searched for jobs -- a process that was laborious, time intensive, and slow. And, due to the high cost of print ads, institutions typically only listed (and candidates only saw) a fraction of their openings.

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The founders believed the Internet had the power to revolutionize higher education recruitment. So, they created HigherEdJobs as a central place on the web for higher education employers and professionals to connect.

Today, HigherEdJobs is the leading source for jobs and career information in academia. During 2014, more than 5,340 colleges and universities posted over 159,390 faculty, administrative and executive job postings to the company's web site. And, HigherEdJobs is now visited by over 1 million unique visitors a month (verified by Google Analytics).

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HigherEdJobs was named one of the Top 100 employment sites by WEDDLE's LLC, publisher of the annual Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet, during 2009/10 and 2011/12. According to Peter Weddle, publisher of WEDDLE's, the Top 100 represent "the elite of the job board industry. They have the strongest brands, the best services and the most distinguished track records of the sites we've seen on the Web." HigherEdJobs was selected to the Top 100 out of an estimated 100,000 employment web sites.

HigherEdJobs also won the WEDDLE's User's Choice Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015. WEDDLE's annual User's Choice Awards are the only accolades in the online employment services industry in which actual users -- those who are looking for employment and those who are looking for employees -- are able to vote for the employment sites they think work best.

If you are new to HigherEdJobs, we encourage you to visit our testimonial pages. Here, you'll find hundreds of comments from employers and job seekers attesting to the effectiveness of HigherEdJobs.

One of the keys to HigherEdJobs is our focus, not just on higher education but on job and career information. Compared to news sites that also list jobs in higher education, we think you will find HigherEdJobs significantly easier to use. On HigherEdJobs, job seekers start their search on our homepage and within a few clicks see a comprehensive list of jobs in their academic or administrative area. This makes HigherEdJobs incredibly easy for higher education professionals to find the jobs they are looking for, apply for them, and get on with their lives.

Prior to the Internet, job announcements and news were forced together out of necessity -- news organizations needed the ad revenues and job postings needed a distribution system. On the Internet, job postings are no longer tied to news. In fact, news can be detrimental to a job site, making it harder for candidates to find what they are looking for (a job) and more expensive for employers. Higher education candidates and employers want to connect with one another to find their dream job, or employee, as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. And, that is our sole focus and passion.

Of course, there is much more to HigherEdJobs than our comprehensive list of jobs in higher education and wide network of higher education professionals (view demographic information). The employers and job seekers must connect. To that end, we created My HigherEdJobs, an eSearchManager® service of free tools job seekers can use to manage their search. Here, they can sign up to receive customized job announcements via email (we sent 4.9 million of these Job Agent emails last month), save jobs so they can apply later, save their resume to our Resume Database and track jobs to which they have applied. Over 610,000 people now have a My HigherEdJobs account.

In addition, we have developed a robust Career Tools page, including a wealth of information for candidates and employers. Here, you will find articles and career tips for higher education candidates as well as interviews with higher education experts on issues that affect the people who work in higher education. You'll also see links to our quarterly Higher Education Employment Report, Salary Data, and more.

We also partner with an extensive list of higher education associations and industry leading companies to make HigherEdJobs your indispensible career resource.

Finally, we strive to provide superior customer service. While any organization can talk about customer service, we believe it is important to consistently deliver on this promise. To us, this means reviewing each job posting for formatting, categorization and other common errors so it yields the best possible candidate pool. It means answering calls and emails promptly and thoroughly. It means processing orders in two business hours or less. And, it means continually refining how candidates search for jobs on HigherEdJobs and how employers post jobs to the site so it remains the easiest, most effective employment site in higher education.

With that said, whether you are looking for an incredible job at a college or university or trying to fill a critical position, we welcome you to HigherEdJobs. Your search will soon be over.