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Instructor, Practical Nursing

Position Deleted on 5/02/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Durham, NC
Faculty - Medicine - Nursing
Application Due:
Open Until Filled
Full Time
Reports to: Program Director, Practical Nursing

Duties and Responsibilities:

The instructor of Practical Nursing is primarily responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction, and for providing those related services and support activities required for optimal student learning and effective educational programming. As a member of the Practical Nursing program faculty, the instructor is also accountable for assisting and supporting the program director and/or department head, as needed, in meeting the instructional and curricular requirements of the program, department, and division. More specifically, and consistent with the employee's current contract of appointment, the instructor is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Teach a minimum load of 18 to 20 contact hours per semester in a flexible schedule, as determined by the needs of the program and as approved by the Dean, of Health Technologies;
  2. Have instructional plans prepared for each class session and in accord with the stated objectives of the course;
  3. Enforce academic policy and procedures at all times, and comply with all other institutional rules and regulations pertinent to classroom instruction and general employment;
  4. Assist in the development and enforcement of policies and procedures related to student admission, progression, and graduation;
  5. Be available to students requiring additional assistance;
  6. Serve as educational advisor to students, as formally required and as otherwise requested or needed by individual students;
  7. Assist in the revision and development of course outlines, syllabi, curriculum plans and other instructional documentation required to meet program objectives;
  8. Contribute to the development and implementation of competency-based education and utilize available educational resources for the improvement of instruction and the creation of teaching materials;
  9. Assist the program director in the identification, preview and acquisition of needed educational resources, including textbook selection, library materials, laboratory supplies and other instructional provisions;
  10. Participate in registration activities each semester, as assigned, and assist in the recruitment of students and in the placement of graduates;.
  11. Participate in program, departmental, divisional and instructional meetings and other announced activities;
  12. Maintain complete office and student records, as needed; process reports, forms, and all other required paperwork in a timely, efficient manner, checking for the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of all data;
  13. Fulfill committee assignments and other special appointments within the educational community as well as the community-at-large, and otherwise give appropriate support to institutional endeavors;
  14. Maintain posted office and on-campus hours sufficient to fulfill all contracted duties and individual professional obligations, as well as to meet the needs of the program, department, division, and College
  15. Take advantage of in-service training and other opportunities for continued professional development, including attendance at off-campus activities, as feasible, and generally staying abreast of developments in the field of instruction;
  16. Maintain proper communication and support relations at all times with all other units and branches of the division and the College, provide assistance to them in carrying out their respective functions; and
  17. Assume other necessary responsibilities and perform additional tasks as assigned by the program director and/or department head in meeting the needs of the program, department, division, and the College.
Required Minimum Qualifications:
  1. The Practical Nursing Instructor must have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, and should have a Master's degree in Nursing, or must complete a Master's degree in Nursing no later than four (4) years after the date of employment;
  2. The Practical Nursing Instructor must have a current unrestricted license as a registered nurse in the State of North Carolina;
  3. The Practical Nursing Instructor must also have two calendar years full time employment or the equivalent experience in clinical nursing practice as a registered nurse in a hospital or primary care facility; and
  4. The Practical Nursing Instructor should have background experience in the area of Maternal-Child and/or Medical-Surgical Nursing.
Normal Work Hours:
The Practical Nursing Instructor is required to work a minimum of forty (40) hours per week according to a flexible schedule which may include day, evening, and weekend responsibilities and/or duties.
Human Resources Department
Durham Technical Community College
1637 Lawson Street
Durham, NC 27703
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