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Assistant Vice President for Research Administration (Non-Tenure/Non-Tenure Track), AD-0340-00 (REA)

Position Deleted on 3/12/2014. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Bethesda, MD
  • Executive - Administrative Vice Presidents
  • Admin - Laboratory and Research
Application Due:
Open Until Filled
Full Time
$95,545 to $141,817 USD Per Year
The mission of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) is to provide the highest quality education and research programs in the health sciences to those selected individuals who demonstrate dedication to a career in the health professions of the uniformed services. The USU is authorized to grant appropriate advanced academic degrees and to establish postdoctoral, postgraduate, and technological institutes related to treatment and research in the health sciences. USUHS develops and supports academic and training programs designed to ensure maximum utilization of the health science labor force, facilities, and equipment within the Department of Defense and military medical departments worldwide.

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR), Office of Research Administration (REA), invites applications for the position of Assistant Vice President for Research Administration. The Assistant Vice President for Research Administration reports directly to the Vice President for Research.

The mission of the Office of Vice President Research is to facilitate, support, and manage the research activities of USUHS. In that capacity, the Office of Research oversees all matters dealing with research and sponsored research programs at USUHS or external research and sponsored programs conducted through USUHS. The office is responsible for all aspects of research administration. The VPR reviews and monitors all matters dealing with research at the University. These functions include identification of potential funding sources; pre-award administration; post-award administration; grant award and receipt; administration of the Program for the Protection of Human Participants in Research (PPHPR), including Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval; and monitoring of compliance with all Federal regulations regarding the conduct of research. The REA will provide comprehensive research and other sponsored program administrative services to University faculty, staff, and students as well as other organizations whose programs are administered through the University. The REA is comprised of multiple offices -- Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Office of Program Development (OPD), Office of Scientific Management (OSM), and the Tri-Service Research Nursing Program (TSRNP) which supports the research mission at the University.

The incumbent will serve as the Assistant Vice President for Research Administration, and as such is responsible for the management and oversight of the programs and business operations of REA. Major responsibilities include, but are not limited to, oversight of: the intramural awards program; the extramural funding office; Office of Scientific Management; and the Tri-Service Nursing Research Program. In addition, the incumbent will facilitate research and training support for the various components of USUHS by promoting efforts to secure extramural funding and by fostering an environment in which all forms of scholarly activity are encouraged.

The successful incumbent develops and revises administrative policies, procedures, and instructions in accordance with Federal, DoD, and University research policies, programs, and/or strategies. Oversees training programs for lower level research administrative staff. Directs and coordinates daily operational activities through subordinate managers. Conducts research, prepares statistical reports, and handles information requests from the Vice President of Research as well as data calls from the DoD and other Federal agencies. Allocates resources to various departments of the organization and ensures their proper utility. Provides technical, authoritative guidance to departmental managers on specific goals and/or objectives of programs, project interventions, and strategic plans undertaken by the University. Oversees project activities and compiles comprehensive progress reports for management and the VPR. Examines and recommends improvements and ratifies budgetary estimates for departmental heads working under him/her. Develops staffing recommendations to the VPR in accordance with organizational personnel needs. Analyzes operations of the organization to establish areas of cost reduction and improvement of efficiency. Reviews agreements, contracts subcontracts, CRADAs, etc., related to extramural funding. Signs on behalf of the university, the acceptance of grants, contracts, and other agreements for the VPR. Advise the VPR on matters of importance to the office including advise about materials drafted for the VP and make recommendations for action. Represents the VPR at meetings and events as necessary and create and assemble documentation to facilitate decisions by the VP and other VPR necessary and create and assemble documentation to facilitate decisions by the VP and other VPR staff. Protect confidential and sensitive information as needed. Serve as VPR liaison to the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF). Works closely with the HJF to represent the USUHS on issues of mutual interest concerning the development of scholarship, research, and clinical excellence in the medical field. The incumbent will exercise personnel management responsibilities. Plans and performs the full range of supervisory and managerial responsibilities related to structuring organization functions and positions for maximum efficiency, economy, and productivity to achieve the mission. The successful candidate will develop, establish, and direct a coordinated, creative, and progressive program for maximizing research efforts at USUHS.

Qualification Requirements: The incumbent must bring to this position a minimum of an earned post graduate degree (M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree) in a field of study related to health, science or education with and extensive experience in grants management.

The position requires: substantial experience and knowledge of funding requirements of biomedical research in a health or research environment; a minimum of five (5) years of progressive management experience and knowledge of supervision, finance, budgeting, and project management and analytical skill in evaluating and developing organizational policies, programs and objectives; expertise in research is demonstrated by previous success in facilitating extramural funding, and comprehensive knowledge of Federal, State, and local policies and regulations and Congressional provisions or issues governing research; extensive experience in handling administrative functions in an organization responsible for oversight of Federal research compliance.; exceptional interpersonal skills appropriate to exert administrative, didatic, and scientific leadership as contracts require a high degree of diplomacy, accuracy, and sensitivity especially when releasing information which is disseminated to public activities; exceptional written and oral communication skills to provide presentations in a public forum as well as the ability to develop consensus decisions.

The following experience/knowledge is highly desirable: experience supporting and administering PHS, DoD, and VA funding of biomedical research and knowledge of military organizations and DoD research funding policies and requirements; extensive experience in research with a record of successfully identifying sponsors for extramural funding and/or an excellent record of facilitating grant support for faculty elsewhere. Expertise in research is demonstrated by previous success in acquiring extramural funding.

Assignment to the administrative position of Assistant Vice President for Research Administration is without tenure. This position is in the non-tenure/non-tenure track. The assignment as Assistant Vice President for Research Administration is for a five-year term and may be renewed with no limit on the number of renewals. Assignment as Assistant Vice President for Research Administration is not a continuous appointment and as such the incumbent serves at the pleasure of his or her immediate supervisor(s) and may be relieved as Assistant Vice President for Research Administration at any time.

Selectee must be suitable for Federal employment as determined by a background investigation is required. Failure to meet the requirements of a background investigation will result in the withdrawal of the position offer or removal from the position.

Instruction to Candidates: Review of applications will begin upon receipt and will continue until the position is filled. Applicants should submit a letter of interest along with a curriculum vitae and the names of five individuals who can be contacted to provide references to:
USUHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity.
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