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My HigherEdJobs (an eSearchManager® service) is a free set of tools to help you manage your job search on HigherEdJobs. Create your free account today and take control of your job search with the following features:

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Create Job Agents

A Job Agent is a feature that allows you to receive jobs by email, and save your favorite job search criteria. Job Agents help you find the positions specifically tailored to what you are looking for on HigherEdJobs. When you create a Job Agent, you choose your search criteria using job categories, keywords, locations, position type, institution type, or a combination of criteria.

When new jobs are posted to our site that match your search criteria, your Job Agent can email you new job listings either weekly or daily. You can also view your Job Agent results at any time through your My HigherEdJobs account.

You can opt to receive email alerts whenever new jobs are posted that match your criteria: Job Agent Email Sample
At the top of the search
results page, you'll see:
Create Job Agent link

If you have a search you would like to return to often, you can create a Job Agent from that search. To do so, click on the "Create Job Agent" link on the job listings page. This will take you to the Job Agent creation page with your search criteria filled out for you.


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