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Temporary- Residential Coordinator (CTD Summer)

Position Deleted on 6/18/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Evanston, IL
Admin - Residence Life and Housing
Full Time

Solstice & Spark (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL):

Full time work June 18-August 3, 2013

Starting salary $4000 increasing to $4500 based on CTD Summer Program experience, plus room and board. *Time Away: one weekday during the two-week Solstice program; Spark has built-in Time Away on the Saturdays between each one-week session.

Apogee, Spectrum & Equinox (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL):

Full time work June 18-August 10, 2013

Starting salary $5500 increasing to $6000 based on CTD Summer Program experience, plus room and board. *Time Away: one weekday and one half weekday per each three-week sessions.

Please complete additional documents by going to: and selecting (2013 Summer Staff Supplemental Application).

For any questions please contact: tcadministration(at)

Job Summary: This position is located in Evanston

The Residential Coordinator (RC) serves as the point of contact for all residential staff, residential students and their parents for their assigned program(s). The RC collaborates with the Program and Academic Coordinators (PC and AC, respectively) to ensure that the residential component of the program is meeting program expectations. The RC provides guidance and support to the residential staff and students and oversees the integration of the academic and residential aspects of the program while upholding and promoting the CTD Honor Code in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. As effective leaders, RCs must set a professional tone for the program and serve as positive role models for staff and students. RCs reside in the residence hall for the duration of the program and have 24/7 on-call responsibilities. This requires that RCs not have other work or school commitments during his/her term of employment.

General Responsibilities:

  • Carefully review all program, site and staff materials provided by the Summer Program. Return all completed paperwork as requested;
  • Attend coordinator training;
  • Uphold and promote the CTD Honor Code;
  • Follow all CTD rules and regulations concerning staff conduct, appropriate dress, program procedures, and other responsibilities as set forth in the staff handbook and by administrative staff;
  • Assume program related responsibilities as requested by CTD administrative staff;
  • Reside in the residence hall for the duration of the program and be available at all times. During limited scheduled time away* RCs must be available by phone (in the event of an emergency), travel no further than 30 minutes off campus, and confirm with the PC how his/her responsibilities will be managed in his/her absence.
  • Be available by CTD-issued mobile phone at all times to respond to requests and emergencies;
  • At close of program return cell phone, computer, keys, purchasing card, petty cash, receipts, invoices, any outstanding paperwork and office supplies to administrative staff.
CTD Residential Coordinators (RCs) are required to:

Manage People

  • Ensure that residential staff members uphold CTD's standard of supervision at all times and that rules and procedures are enforced consistently, fairly, and appropriately by RAs/RTAs when addressing student behavior;
  • Provide support to residential staff in addressing student issues such as health, academic, discipline, etc.;
  • Conduct meetings with students and administer discipline decisions as needed;
  • Facilitate daily meetings with residential staff members;
  • In consultation with administrative staff, manage disciplinary action in the event that a residential staff member fails to meet program or performance expectations;
  • Serve as the primary contact for parents regarding residential matters and respond to concerns quickly, efficiently and appropriately in person, on the phone, and via email;
  • Delegate duties to the ARC and other staff members as appropriate, especially during time away.
Manage Information
  • Be knowledgeable of administrative policies and NU procedures that will be implemented in the residence halls and train staff accordingly;
  • Become familiar with NU campus, including but not limited to classroom buildings, program buildings, and town boundaries, and train staff;
  • In collaboration with administrative staff, prepare and facilitate training sessions for residential staff;
  • In collaboration with administrative staff and Assistant Residential Coordinators, create and distribute daily and weekend, time-off, and duty schedules to residential staff;
  • Meet with ARC(s) each day to review previous day's events and to coordinate daily schedule and responsibilities including staff meetings, activities;
  • Communicate with PC about all disciplinary, personal, or medical matters relating to students and staff; work collaboratively to resolve issues and collect, review, and share (with appropriate staff members) Communication Forms on a daily basis;
  • Attend all administrative meetings with Coordinators and CTD administrative staff;
  • Organize and prepare Student Program Releases and oversee weekend visits;
  • Manage all confidential student and staff information and share only with the necessary/appropriate individuals;
  • Submit expense report, receipts, budget statement to Business Manager and cell phone to SPC;
  • Complete and submit written evaluations of each staff member at the end of each session;
  • Collect and review all RA/RTA residential student evaluations;
  • Facilitate student airport arrivals and departures with AUX RA(s);
  • Complete and submit a site report and participate in a debriefing meeting with administrative staff.
Manage Resources
  • Plan, prepare and facilitate the residence hall for staff arrival and student arrival on Opening Days;
  • Organize, inventory, and replenish supplies and organize Residential and Health Offices prior to each Opening Day;
  • Staff Residential Office during peak hours when staff and students require access;
  • Maintain safety, cleanliness, and security of the residence halls. Ensure that ARCs/RAs/RTAs/CAs have safety plans and security contact information;
  • Address maintenance needs for the assigned residence hall. Organize work orders and maintenance requests, as needed;
  • Handle the finances of the assigned residential program, including getting approval for purchases from the Program Coordinator, overseeing residential staff petty cash expenditures, accounting for all residential petty cash and credit card expenditures, staying within the program budget and maintaining an accurate income and expense record;
  • Manage the collection of student activities payments
  • Inventory and return residential supplies;
  • Facilitate Closing Day, close the residence hall and return room keys to Housing Office, medications to the Program Office;
  • Assume other program related responsibilities as assigned by administrative staff.
Mandatory Job Qualifications
  • Training or background in identifying and addressing social and emotional needs of middle school students or adolescents;
  • Extensive experience working with students and staff in a residential program setting;
  • Strong organizational, communication and problem solving skills;
  • Professional demeanor; motivated, flexible and adaptable;
  • Maintain a positive attitude in an intensely fast-paced environment;
  • Communicate concerns in a timely manner;
  • Serve as a role model for students and other staff members;
  • Proven leadership experiences;
  • Strong work ethic and commitment to teamwork;
  • A bachelor's degree; master's degree preferred.
How to Apply

This job is open for online applications.

Northwestern University is an equal opportunity employer and strongly believes in creating an environment that welcomes students, faculty and staff of all races, nationalities and religions. In doing so, we offer our students the opportunity to learn and grow in diverse communities preparing them for successful careers in an increasingly global and diverse work force.

For consideration, please click on the link below. You will be directed to Northwestern University's electronic recruiting system, eRecruit, where you will search and apply for current openings. To apply for this position in eRecruit, enter the Job Opening ID number in the appropriate search field. Once you apply, you will receive an email confirming submission of your resume. For all resumes received, if there is interest in your candidacy, the human resources recruiter or the department hiring manager will contact you.

Job Opening ID number for this position is #20421

  • Please include resume and coverletter with your application.
"Please email your Essay Response(s) and your Supplemental Application to

"As per Northwestern University policy, this position requires a criminal background check. Successful applicants will need to submit to a criminal background check prior to employment."
Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Date Posted: 12/11/2012

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