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Faculty - Course Mentor, Accounting

Position Deleted on 2/03/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
  • Faculty - Business - Accounting
  • Faculty - Business - Finance
Full Time
The Course Mentor is responsible for serving as the Subject Matter Expert in the field of accounting. S/he works with students through Learning Communities, proactive outreach, and other resources to help students develop competency.

  • Provide subject matter expertise and experience with accounting
  • Mentor students with content associated with topics of accounting
  • Actively engage students in learning content and respond to student issues in their area of expertise
  • Provide academic help to students as requested by using both synchronous and asynchronous technology to communicate with students. This will include, at a minimum, audio chat, instant messaging, threaded discussions, group discussions, and message boards
  • Be available to students during posted office hours as determined by the department. This will generally include some evening and weekend hours
  • Mentor students in effective study practices relevant to the discipline(s) covered in the COS and assist students in the use of the related Learning Resources
  • Mentor students in the topics needed to successfully complete the assessments in the COS(s) and provide feedback on assignments as appropriate
  • Work with students assigned to their COS(s) to achieve high success rates as measured by pass rates on assessments and successful completion of the Course of Study
  • Proactively lead sessions to improve student understanding of the key topics and objectives in the COS(s) assigned
  • Work with various departments and more specifically with a team of Course Mentors, Student Mentors, Program Managers, and Program Development for program success and student success
  • Work with others as a team to develop best practice strategies that result in student success with competency development and assessments, and implement these strategies with integrity
  • Provide personalized outreach to at-risk students in a way that fosters development of competencies
  • Work in a primarily phone based approach supported by online meeting rooms and computer-based service, with about 10 non-standard hours of contact per week
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Effective mentoring of students with a professional approach and knowledge of the competency-based model.
  • Positive working relationship with student mentors, course mentors and students.
  • Response time to students and university employees is appropriate and aligned with the university goal.
  • Maintain reports of student progress ensuring that reports and documents are neat, accurate, and completed timely.
  • Calls and inquiries are courteously and professionally resolved or referred.
  • The university's professional reputation is maintained.
  • Management is appropriately informed of area activities and of any significant problems.
Required Skills
  • Success in working on complex projects using a collaborative work model.
  • Superior writing and technology skills.
  • Mastery of relevant competencies and topics associated with the assigned COS(s).
  • Well organized.
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Ability to assist and support others.
  • Subject matter expertise in accounting and finance.
  • Ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to student questions and concerns.
Candidates should possess graduate accounting subject matter expertise in topics including: financial analysis; financial statements; corporate systems and internal controls; risks: internal and external, mitigation strategies and techniques; legal and regulatory requirements; cost-volume-profit concepts and other analytical tools; budgets and pro-forma statements, including cash flows; capital budgeting; equity financing, debt alternatives; working capital management, working capital acquisition; and economic cost concepts and activity-based costing.

Candidates should possess undergraduate accounting subject matter expertise in topics including: accounting fundamentals; financial accounting concepts, recording concepts, adjusting; cost allocation; long-term liabilities; balance sheet; income statement; cash flows; financial statement analysis; advanced accounting, partnerships; individual and corporate taxes; inventory; deprecation; managerial accounting; cost-volume profit; job order costing; process costing; variable and absorption costing; activity-based costing; budgeting, including capital budgeting; variances; cost centers; balanced scorecard; concepts in auditing and information systems; accounting information systems; nature and purpose of large-scale information systems; internal control for information systems; information system auditing; auditor roles, responsibilities and professional standards; code of professional conduct; planning the audit and assessing risk; internal control structure; auditing financial statements; audit documentation; assurance services; problems in budgeting and financial statements; budgeting; capital budgeting - NPV, IRR, profitability index; capital budgeting - cost of capital; financial statement analysis; concepts in accounting and tax; federal income tax; income tax and the law; accounting standards; receivables and inventory; long-term assets; short and long-term liabilities; corporate equity; investments and income; accounting and income tax rule differences; and accounting for pensions and leases.

Required Experience
  • Doctorate degree with two years experience or more in the area of accounting or finance
  • Understanding and appreciation of competency-based education
  • Demonstrated ability to work with struggling students
  • Experience working in distance/adult learning environment preferred
  • Experienced in the use of technology-based delivery systems preferred
  • Success in working on complex projects using a collaborative work model
  • Superior writing, communication, and technology skills
  • Mastery of relevant competencies and topics associated with the assigned COS(s)
  • Well organized
  • Attentive to detail
  • Ability to assist and support others
  • Subject matter expertise in the field of academic essay writing and research as a process (academic paper writing)
  • Ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to student questions and concern
Job Location
WORK FROM HOME, United States

Position Type
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