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Nursing: Pre-licensure, RN Nursing Skills Lab Staff

Position Deleted on 1/15/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Marion, IN
Admin - Health and Medical Services

The RN lab staff function as professional nurses in the Pre-licensure Division of the School of Nursing. 


RN staff member instructs nursing students as they learn safe patient care through:

  1. Clinical simulations
  2. Student practice of interventions learned in procedure classes.
  3. Procedure competency testing


  • Lab staff helps the students practice their skills after they have learned a specific skill in class.


  • The staff is to make themselves available to the students and offer help. Students are often shy about asking for help. Offer to talk them through the procedure and demonstrate the procedure.
  • Encourage the students to not only memorize the steps, but to practice the skill several times.
  • When instructing, refer to the procedure check list to maintain consistency with what they were taught in class and for testing purposes.
  • Staff will need to know the skills being taught each week by reviewing the procedure checklists and or videos.

Patient Care Competency Testing:

  • The Lab Staff tests the students on the skill that they have learned that week. 


  • Testing is done in the single patient rooms.
  • Leave the wooden door open. This will help the students remember to close the curtain for privacy. Try not to be in a room alone with a student with a closed door that does not have a window in it.
  • Take the grade card to testing and document on card about the points that were deducted for reference if needed in the future.
  • Use student's procedure sheet to score. Write the student's score on their procedure check list. Use the Patient Care Competency grading rubric for grading guidelines.
  • Initial student's small procedure booklet.
  • Students may not ask questions during the test that would affect the outcome of the procedure.
  • Instructors/Staff should not unnecessarily interrupt the students while they are performing the competency. If possible, clarification questions should be asked after the competency. This is to decrease the possibility of breaking the students' train of thought.
  • Staff should help to keep the lab clean. 


  • The Lab staff will/may be assigned to assist the Simulation specialist implement clinical simulations.


  • Simulation Specialist will provide the RN with the simulation information and training.
  • RN will implement the simulation.
  • RN will be responsible for knowing how to operate the equipment for the simulations.

Other Lab projects:

  • Special educational or Lab organizational projects as assigned by the Lab Manager.
  • Staff Development / Continuing Education:

    Examples: Article reviews, in-services, DVD review. See Lab Manager for further ideas.
  • Supervising student staff:
    • Senior nursing students work in the lab as lab assistants.
    • They are not to study while they are working in the Lab -Only if there are no students in the Lab and all the work is done. They may have a book with them in the wards, if they are still available for students.
    • Students have cleaning duties to do during their work hours, and have the responsibility to close the Lab. 
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