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Interim Student Conduct & Integrity Associate Director

Position Deleted on 1/29/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Terre Haute, IN
Admin - Student Affairs and Services
Application Due:
Full Time
Basic Purpose & Scope: Interprets University policy and procedures for students, faculty and staff.

A. Provide administrative assistance to the office and staff of Student Conduct and Integrity.
B. Serve as conduct officer in the investigation and adjudication of violations of the Code of Student Conduct.
C. Assist in the development and dissemination of the Code of Student Conduct and interpret University policy and procedures for students, faculty, staff and other constituents.
D. Facilitate the student conduct process including formal adjudication which includes termination of student status.
E. Ensure the appropriate due process and the protection of student rights and responsibilities within the student judicial process
F. Facilitate a periodic review of the Code of Student Conduct and adjudication procedures and an assessment of student learning outcomes as assigned.
G. Serve as advisor to the All-University Court and administer support services.
H. Impose formal disciplinary actions on behalf of the All-University Court.
I. Coordinate with the Assistant Dean/Director the preparation, maintenance and release of information from student disciplinary records as dictated by University policy, state and federal law.
J. Develop and maintain liaison and collaborative relationships with University offices such as Residential Life, Public Safety, Dean of Students Office, Student Counseling Center, Student Health Promotion, Registrar, Admissions, Controller's Office, academic advisors and deans, etc.
K. Provide training, information and resources to University staff that participate in the student conduct process, such as residence hall staff members and University police officers.
L. Facilitate orientation and resources to students, faculty and staff, parents and other constituency groups regarding the student judicial process, University policy and procedures and student rights and responsibilities.
M. Assist students in addressing behavior, moral and ethical issues through consultation, mediation, victim's assistance, etc.
N. Additional projects, committees and responsibilities as assigned.

Required Education: Master's degree in Higher Education Administration, or applicable social science (Criminology or Public Administration); 3-4 years of experience
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