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Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Position Deleted on 2/17/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Carson City, NV
Executive - Administrative Vice Presidents
Application Due:
Open Until Filled
Full Time
$138,039 to $154,418 USD Per Year

The Vice President is responsible for providing effective leadership and direction to all elements of college academic and student affairs. This position serves as a member of the President's executive leadership team.

1. Provide chief leadership for instructional and student services.
2. Manage a complex organization serving different communities over a large geographical area.
3. Work effectively with academic, developmental, career/technical, and student services in multi-campus environment.
4. Formulate policies and procedures.
5. Develop and administer complex budgets and multiple priorities.
6. Assess student learning, program outcomes, and institutional effectiveness.
7. Develop and maintain partnerships with business, non-profit, government agencies, high schools, other community colleges, and universities to facilitate the planning and delivery of education and student services.
8. Serve as the Accreditation Liaison Officer of the College.
9. Allocate and manage instructional and student services budgets.
10. Select, supervise, and evaluate support, faculty, and administrative staff.
11. Assure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and restrictions related to student services and instructional programs, services and activities, assure that the highest legal and ethical standards are maintained and clearly communicated to personnel.
12. Work with all college personnel and constituencies in accordance with the participatory governance polices and collective bargaining agreements of the College.
13. Direct and participate in the efforts and activities of assigned committees, task forces and work groups, provide for appropriate communication within and among areas supervised and constituency groups.
14. Resolve faculty, staff, and student grievances and complaints in accordance with Board policy and College procedures.
15. Assign, supervise, discipline, and evaluate the performance of subordinates.
16. Plan, organize, direct, administer, review and evaluate the College's student services and instructional services programs, resources and activities.
17. Provide leadership for fulfilling the comprehensive college mission, which includes basic and transfer education, vocational and technical training, distance education, and economic development of the community, contract education, student services and community service.
18. Analyze complex financial, statistical and narrative data regarding instructional programs.
19. Work effectively in a collective bargaining environment.
20. Direct the effective interface and integration of student services and instructional services and programs including transfer requirements and articulation agreements.
21. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
22. Serve as a member of the President's leadership team and participate in the establishment and achievement of development of short - and long-range plans for all instructional programs and students services in coordination with College-wide entities.
23. Serve as the liaison for NWCCU and NSHE in matters of accreditation and academics.
24. Responsible for the development, management, coordination and supervision of competitive intercollegiate athletics programs.
25. Provide leadership and direction to the intercollegiate athletics program.
26. Formulate and implement athletic policies in accordance with rules and regulations of the SWAC and the NSHE System.
27. Ensure gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in all athletic programs.
28. Serve as liaison between the athletic program and the academic community to ensure alignment with the strategic plan of the College.
29. Establish support for academic success of student athletes and strategies for appropriate graduation rates of student athletes.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Master's degree from an accredited college/university required. Earned doctorate preferred.
2. Five years of progressive and extensive executive college-level administrative experience in instruction and student services.
3. Three years of college-level teaching and/or student services experience.
4. Demonstrated understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of community college students and employees.

The Ideal Candidate will have the Knowledge and Abilities necessary to:
  • Lead a management team dedicated to collaboration and the college goal of integrating instruction and student services as a way to create and maintain a supportive student-learning environment.
  • Exercise group leadership skills, which emphasize collaboration, consensus building, conflict resolution, and problem solving.
  • Interpret state and federal laws to the campus population; demonstrate effective oral and written communication with students, staff, and the community.
  • Provide leadership and support for faculty, staff, and administrators in the development and implementation of outstanding programs and services that are student centered.
  • Understand the use of technology, online learning, and integrated systems and their appropriate uses in student services, instruction, and administration.
  • Formulate policies and procedures.
  • Understand the Mission of the College and operations.
  • Comprehend budget preparation, implementation and administration for a multi-faceted instructional and student service programs.
  • Understand collective bargaining law, contract negotiation, and administration.
  • Provide leadership and direction to college administrators, academic and classified staff in developing, implementing and evaluating student services and instructional programs, services, resources, and activities for students.
  • Utilize the participatory governance philosophy and practices of higher education and the ability to participate collegially in a participatory governance environment.
  • Implement current and innovative trends in academic, vocational, community, contract education, student services, including technology and non-traditional methods of instruction.
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