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Program Chair Information Technology

Position Deleted on 4/14/2013. This position is no longer an active posting on HigherEdJobs.
Schaumburg, IL
  • Faculty - Business - Information Systems and Technology
  • Faculty - Science - Computer Science
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Full Time
Responsible for the management of all areas of their specific education department, including instruction, curriculum, student success, expenses, enforcement of policies and procedures, scheduling of classes, and accreditation standards in order to maintain quality education which meets state and federal requirements and company guidelines. Provides management and coaching to both faculty and students to ensure a professional experience while increasing the levels of academic integrity for all.

Student Retention and Support
  • Administer high-level academic support to ensure retention of students so that they succeed in their academic endeavors.
  • Provide support to students through advising, transfer credit approval, registration, and next level handling of student issues and complaints.
  • Provides oversight and answers questions relative to the evaluation of transcripts of transfer students for purposes of admission to a program of study.
  • Administer proficiency tests as appropriate.
  • Monitor faculty follow-up with students concerning absence, missing work and/or poor academic progress, contributing to the institution's commitment to student retention and success.
  • Contribute to weekly retention meetings.
Faculty Support and Oversight
  • Select, hire, orient, manage, train, and evaluate instructors in the Department.
  • Participate in the collection of all documentation required to meet state and accrediting agency requirements for the faculty file (Green File) upon hire. Verify that the faculty file documentation is appropriately updated each year.
  • Evaluate instructor transcripts to assign appropriately credentialed instructors to teach courses in the Department.
  • Work with Instructors who are new to CEC to orient them to our teaching methods, processes and policies.
  • Observe Instructors to ensure quality of instruction meets our objectives.
  • Ensure instructors meet their responsibilities relative to mid-term grades, final grades, student attendance, at-risk students, etc.
  • Manage faculty loading, class scheduling and instructor scheduling ensuring appropriate student/instructor ratio and classroom utilization.
  • Review and provides feedback on instructor performance. Conducts periodic performance reviews with each instructor.
  • Monitor faculty development needs and provides documentation of faculty development plan and outcomes.
  • Review student evaluations and share evaluations with instructors, using results as a means for identification of opportunities for improvement.
  • Review and approve faculty professional development plan annually.
  • Evaluate faculty progress toward professional development plan semi-annually, based upon review of evidence provided.
  • Develop adjunct faculty pool with appropriate academic and professional credentials.
  • Teach classes for absent instructors, as necessary. May be required to work extra hours to include evenings, as necessary, and as directed by the Director of Education/Vice President of Education.
  • Lead the program review and revision process, using student outcomes data and input from advisory boards to drive decision-making.
  • Contribute to the identification and development of new programs, and alignment of existing curriculum.
  • Identify requirements and needs to meet national and programmatic accreditation requirements as well as any state licensure requirements.
  • Work with faculty to determine textbook review and selection.
  • Participate in institutional effectiveness programs as it relates to their specific program including data collection, analysis and continuous improvement at the campus level.
  • Develop a schedule of course offerings for each term.
  • Assure that attendance is taken in every class for each scheduled meeting time.
  • Maintain required documentation of all student and instructor issues.
  • Assist in management of department expenses within limitations of the budget. Participate in the budgeting process; operates within budget constraints.
  • Maintain compliance with school, state, and accreditation policies in the areas of instruction, curriculum, student satisfactory academics, and attendance.
  • Enact student suspensions, when necessary.
  • Serve on campus and university-wide committees.
  • Assist with monitoring the grading system, testing procedures, lab equipment, textbooks, classroom size, and student/staff morale.
Professional/Community Involvement
  • Maintains membership in professional organizations and attends/speaks at professional meetings and seminars, as appropriate.
  • Identifies opportunities for student participation in professional organizations including student competitions.
  • Interact with community leaders to ensure student participation in community service projects.
  • Participate in development and management of local corporate programs.
  • Maintain liaison with industry, accreditation, community and government organizations as needed. Works with advisory boards.
  • Program Chairs also execute all the responsibilities of an Instructor (see Instructor Role Profile) typically teaching 1-3 classes per session.
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